Indie Made

identity & interactive

It's always a personal pleasure to have the opportunity to help make life a little easier for another creative out there in the ether. So when Indie Made approached us for a branding overhaul in early 2013, I jumped at the chance. Indie Made is a comprehensive online resource for crafters, fine artists, and designers to create an efficient, affordable online presence, access a huge library of articles and interviews from others making it in the industry, and manage everything from their blog to their Etsy shop all in one place. The challenge at hand was to drive home to prospective users the absolute ease of use while still presenting the tools as being technologically robust. 

I started with a redesign of the logo. We wanted to combine  the idea of being rooted in the hand-crafted with the digital age, so I used a simple  cursor-like icon to bridge the gap between the hand-done and online worlds. The rest of the brand follows in this simple yet playful style, and makes strong use of iconography, infographics, and fun illustrations.